24–28 Jun 2019
Europe/Vienna timezone

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) relies on innovation to enhance the capabilities of the Treaty’s verification regime as well as to help move the Treaty closer to universalization and entry into force. As the fifth event in the CTBT: Science and Technology conference series, SnT2019 will bring together around 1000 scientists, technologists, academics, students, CTBTO policy makers, members of the media and representatives of organizations involved in research and development that is relevant to all aspects of Treaty verification.

Report and Executive Summaries:

Conference objectives:

  • To identify scientific opportunities and methods for improving nuclear test monitoring and verification;
  • To identify how scientific developments and cooperation can support national needs and frame policy objectives in support of the CTBT;
  • To broaden and strengthen the engagement of scientific communities working in test ban monitoring, including young scientists, and to enhance geographic and gender representations of these communities;
  • To support the exchange of knowledge and ideas between the CTBTO and the broader scientific community;
  • To promote the wider civil and scientific applications of techniques and data used for test ban verification;
  • To highlight the CTBT’s successful model for multilateral science diplomacy and cooperation.



Hofburg, Vienna,Austria