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Potential Application of Wallet Card for Radiation Zones to Inspection Team Health and Safety Protection in Inspection Areas

20 Jun 2023, 10:00


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Ms Salwa Al-Salhy (Radiation Protection Center, Ministry of Environment)


According to Iraqi Radiation Law No. 99 of 1980, the Radiation Protection Center (RPC) is a regulatory body in Iraq responsible for monitoring radiation workers. This is done by providing them with personal dosimetry TLD, ED, monitoring Iraqi environment (soil, water, air) and gamma radiation monitoring. For their health and safety we prepared and designed the wallet card to maintain the radiation doses of an inspection team on-site within ALARA principle to reduce the potential doses of radiation and radioactive materials. The wallet card includes: zone, radiation field, contamination and control and with values for each one (i.e. background, safe, low, medium and very high ). All values are according to the instructions of the IAEA. This wallet card is very important for the inspection team in the inspection area because if a zone is very high (>10 mSv/hr ) that needs pre-work planning; pre-work planning; ALARA controls; health and safety team in the inspection area TL, approval: written work plan and Director General authorization. Also the wallet card supplied by RPC to inspectors in radiological emergencies as the RPC is a member of National Emergency Committee, in Iraq with other ministries which are MOST, Health, Defense, etc.

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The posters or wallet cards that are designed by health physics unite at regulatory body Radiation protection center / Ministry of Environment for the health and safety of workers at the on-site inspection sites are intended to deliver health and safety information and instruct.

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Ms Salwa Al-Salhy (Radiation Protection Center, Ministry of Environment)

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