19–23 Jun 2023
Hofburg Palace & Online
Europe/Vienna timezone

On-Site Inspection: Inspected State Party Perspectives Towards Successful Inspection

20 Jun 2023, 10:00


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Mr Nalin de Silva (Geological Survey and Mines Bureau)


The behavior of the inspected State Party (ISP) is one of the elements that has not been adequately analysed in an on-site inspection (OSI), though the same has a grave impact on the inspection. Generally, three distinct common scenarios lead to a request for a review: ambiguous natural events that associate with partial nuclear emission, nuclear accident and a violation of the Treaty via a nuclear test. In these three instances, the ISP reaction and the behaviors would be very different; close cooperation is expected in the first event as both ISP and the inspection team are driven towards the common objective of assessing the cause of the incident. A partial concealment is expected in the second scenario, particularly driven by “national pride”. The third situation, if occurs once the Treaty enters into force, the behaviors of the ISP would be very different with a minimum degree of cooperation. In such a situation, the ISP is destined to disturb the inspection while adhering to the minimum Treaty obligations. Inspection team engagement with the ISP shall be trained and practiced for distinct, yet common scenarios for an effective inspection.

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This abstract intends to open a discussion on the inspection team and inspected State Party interaction, which is a critical element in an OSI. Identifying possible common scenarios for an inspection and appropriate ISP reaction is the focus of this abstract.

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Mr Nalin de Silva (Geological Survey and Mines Bureau)

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