19–23 Jun 2023
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The Reviewed Event Bulletin and the Standard Event List 3 Bulletin for CPUP Scope Measurement

21 Jun 2023, 09:00


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E-poster T2.3 Seismoacoustic Sources in Theory and Practice Lightning talks: P2.1, P2.3, P4.4


Mr Alcides Caballero (Universidad Nacional de Asunción)


Paraguay, located in the middle of South America, is a low seismicity country. Nevertheless it has been collecting data for a long time. The continuous operation of the station gives us the opportunity to select several years of bulletin. This time five years of International Data Centre (IDC) detection (from 2018 to 2022) were selected from bulletins (reviewed and automatics) that are used to breakdown the scope of the sensor detections and show the distribution of epicenters, which CPUP have been contributing to the IDC. The main purpose of this presentation is to illustrate in general how quantitatively the station has been used for global detection.

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This presentation gives an overview of CPUP detections scope and how the bulletins are used to represent the seismic zones for national scientific academic purposes.

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Primary author

Mr Alcides Caballero (Universidad Nacional de Asunción)


Rafael Jose Fugarazzo Velazquez (Universidad Nacional de Asunción) Mr Vincent Hubert Rene Figueres (Universidad Nacional de Asuncion) Moisés Gadea (Universidad Nacional de Asunción)

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