19–23 Jun 2023
Hofburg Palace & Online
Europe/Vienna timezone

SAUNA Qb - Performance of the National Radioxenon Array in Sweden

21 Jun 2023, 11:00


Board: 32
E-poster T3.2 Radionuclide Technologies and Applications Lightning talks: P2.2, P3.2, P3.6


Dr Lindsay Karlkvist (Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI))


The world´s first radioxenon array has successfully been installed in Sweden. The array consists of five detecting sensors (SAUNA Qb) which have been in operation for about two years. Compared to other radioxenon systems, the units are less expensive and easier to install and maintain. The cost of the entire array is similar to one single state of the art system. The individual sensors are less sensitive than a state of the art radioxenon system, but when combined, the aggregated verification performance can be high. The measurement units in the array cover a large area, which can lead to more detections and a potential improvement of source location and categorization. In this work, we will present results from the installations, operation, maintenance and the lessons learnt so far.

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A new concept for detection of radioxenon, where the first array in the world has been installed and operated for two years. Lessons learned to be shared.

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Primary authors

Dr Lindsay Karlkvist (Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)) Dr Tomas Fritioff (Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)) Klas Elmgren (Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)) Mr Henrik Olsson (Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)) Dr Johan Kastlander (Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)) Dr Mattias Aldener (Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)) Dr Anders Ringbom (Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI))

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