19–23 Jun 2023
Hofburg Palace & Online
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Attention or Drill: The Case of North Korea Nuclear Device Testing

22 Jun 2023, 09:00


Board: 49
E-poster T5.1 CTBT Science and Technology Policy Lightning talks: P3.5, P5.1


Mr Joel Okundi Obengo (Kenyatta University)


In this continuously globalized world with its vulnerability in the event of deployment of nuclear weapons in conflicts, testing of nuclear device appears to have assumed a redefined aim far beyond the traditional conceptualization. This new function can be seen in the context of recent nuclear device tests by Democratic People Republic of Korea (DPRK). Nuclear device test scholarship has been a major source of critique, theoretical intervention and analytical insight for disciplinary and trans-disciplinary knowledge. These accomplishments have relied on activist research. The paper proposes to explore knowledge production and dissemination/awareness initiatives of transnational/national research institutes, the media, civil society with respect to nuclear device test as well as diverse ‘global’ perceptions of such crises internationally. Central is the question of how “testers” view their respective publics and in turn how such public’s view and make sense and consume what is conveyed to them through nuclear testing.

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This paper will evaluate the perception of publics of non-nuclear countries of East Africa.An opportunity granted to physically participate will help in enriching it with the view of publishing with high impact scientific journal.

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Primary authors

Ms Doreen Matibe (Independent Researcher) Mr Joel Okundi Obengo (Kenyatta University)

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