28 June 2021 to 2 July 2021
Europe/Vienna timezone

First results with INVAP STAX monitor

30 Jun 2021, 09:00


e-Poster T2.4 - Atmospheric and Subsurface Radionuclide Background and Dispersion T2.4 e-poster session


Mr Federico Fernandez Baldis (INVAP S.E., Bariloche, Argentina)


A general description of INVAP STAX monitor final status is shown, including calibration and software/hardware configuration.

First measurements results obtained in a real Noble Gas emission environment (MIPF plant at Ezeiza Atomic Center, CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina) are presented. Equipment measurement ranges, mainly focused to low flow rate and high activity concentration emissions, are discussed.

Promotional text

Radioxenon accurately detection of high concentration emissions at MIPF such as EZEIZA (CAE, CNEA, ARGENTINA) is improved with the new STAX monitor manufactured by INVAP.

Primary authors

Mr Federico Fernandez Baldis (INVAP S.E., Bariloche, Argentina) Mr Mauro Nunez (INVAP S.E., Bariloche, Argentina) Mr Roman Pino (INVAP S.E., Bariloche, Argentina) Mr Andres Zapata (INVAP S.E., Bariloche, Argentina) Ms Mariana Di Tada (CONICET, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA), Buenos Aires, Argentina) Mr Eduardo Nassif (INVAP S.E., Bariloche, Argentina) Mr Ricardo Sagarzazu (INVAP S.E., Bariloche, Argentina) Mr Horacio Boccoli (INVAP S.E., Bariloche, Argentina) Mr Eduardo Carranza (National Atomic Energy Commission (Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica), Argentina)

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