28 June 2021 to 2 July 2021
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An array of noble gas samplers suspended at various heights from light gas-filled balloons hard wired to the ground to bolster the efforts of an On-Site Inspection team

30 Jun 2021, 09:00


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Mr Ankit Mishra (Ministry of Science & Technology, New Dehli, India)


The On-Site Inspection (OSI) Team shall converge to the possible test location applying various permitted inspection techniques using approved equipment within /set timeframe (technical & political significance). OSI relevant noble gases such as Argon and Xenon from the potential test(s) (underground) may reach the atmosphere through venting and/or atmospheric pumping (depending upon local geology). These gases are denser than the earth’s atmosphere at sea level and are terrain hugging in nature. The lift (elevation) & movement (horizon) are primarily caused by wind. An array of portable noble gas samplers covering elevation(vertical) and azimuth(horizon) may be used to increase the probability of detection. The array design for sampling of OSI relevant noble gases depends upon :
• Properties of OSI relevant noble gases(Known)
• The distance between point of release (vent) and sampler (Unknown)
• The Meteorological Data (Probabilistic weather forecasting)
This paper discusses the design of an array (no of elements, distance between elements) and the placement.
Probabilistic assessment of 8760 hourly sampled/historical weather data involving atmospheric weather modelling (like Gaussian puff-plume and Lagrangian particle model) to understand the design and performance optimization (of arrays) is considered.

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Nobel gas detectors can be used in an array suspended from various balloons which are hard wired to the ground and whose altitude can be adjusted. This array may be placed at a suitable place/ area and at a particular height depending on the air flow pattern to detect & zero-in.

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Mr Ankit Mishra (Ministry of Science & Technology, New Dehli, India)

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