28 June 2021 to 2 July 2021
Europe/Vienna timezone

Communication and Public Awareness

29 Jun 2021, 09:00


e-Poster T5.3 - Capacity Building, Education, Communication and Public Awareness T5.3 e-poster session


Ms Jenifer Mackby (Federation of American Scientists (FAS), USA)


This presentation will examine the extensive efforts of the CTBTO Technical Secretariat to advance public awareness of the Treaty, and will explore what NGOs have done to further this effort. Most important, it will investigate the avenues that academics, NGOs, and scientific experts can pursue, in particular in cooperation with each other and with respective governments. The CTBTO has established an impressive Group of Eminent Persons and Youth Group; outside, in civilian society, more must be done. Academics, NGOs, and scientific groups can pursue through Coalitions (such as one formed by this author) educational panels, workshops, speaking engagements, at meetings and major international conferences. Their efforts can help exert pressure on governments to ratify the treaty. For example, a U.S.-China symposium organized by specialized, highly recognized thinktanks, NGOs and academics in both countries, would attract considerable attention and could find a receptive audience among government policymakers regarding the reasons for ratification. Although ratification in the U.S. depends on the U.S. Senate, the Biden Administration likely will have a more positive view of the CTBT than the previous administration. Also, while the G7 has supported entry into force of the CTBT, the Treaty is not expected to be a central point of discussion at the NPT Review Conference as it used to be.

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How scientific experts and academics can promote the CTBT

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Ms Jenifer Mackby (Federation of American Scientists (FAS), USA)

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