28 June 2021 to 2 July 2021
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Study of Perception of Pacific Islander’s students at Otago University New Zealand about CTBTO

29 Jun 2021, 09:00


e-Poster T5.3 - Capacity Building, Education, Communication and Public Awareness T5.3 e-poster session


Mr Muhammad Qasim (University of Otago, New Zealand)


Pacific Island member countries have a combined population of about 2.3 million people. Nuclear tests in these islands significantly impacted humans and environment. More than 300 nuclear tests were carried out in the Pacific from 1946 to 1996 in the atmosphere, underground and underwater. Recently Prime Minster of Fiji, made a statement on behalf of 12 Pacific countries to UNGA and presented vision that “the blue Pacific Ocean will become an ocean of peace and prosperity for our people and the world and it could only become an ocean of peace if it was nuclear-free”. To reflect his statement, we have conducted a study among pacific islander students enrolled at University of Otago, Dunedin New Zealand about their perception about Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBTO). We have received response from total 80 students (35 male, 43.75% and 45 females, 56.25%). Only 45% (36) students have knowledge about CTBTO and only 70% (56) knows about nuclear testing. This shows there is still lack of awareness about young generation of pacific islanders about ban on nuclear testing and it require special education and online awareness campaign is required to build momentum against nuclear testing among young generation.

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over 300 nuclear tests has been conducted in pacific islands and they significantly impacted human and environment. We have conducted a study to check perception of young generation of pacific islanders about CTBTO.

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Mr Muhammad Qasim (University of Otago, New Zealand)

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