28 June 2021 to 2 July 2021
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A book showing the importance of an NDC in Brazil for its better participation in the verification regime of the CTBT

29 Jun 2021, 09:00


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Mr Lucas Barros (Seismological Observatory, University of Brasilia, Brazil)


Brazil does not have its NDC yet, but its creation has recently been discussed and, to contribute to these discussions, we have written the book The Brazilian Participation in the verification of CTBT, which presents the importance of an NDC, the advantages obtained with the its creation and demonstrated importance of CTBT in the control of nuclear weapons and in the construction of a solid social scientific knowledge base, through applications of the IMS data.
Brazil participates in CTBT with three technologies (seismic, infrasound and Radionuclide). The book presents the locations of the last nuclear test carried out by RPDK and the accidental explosion in Beirut.
There are several benefits for Member Countries with an NDC: access to raw and/or processed data; access to training and capacity building; access to software and technical support; access to a protected website that offers a platform for discussions and exchange of confidential information. By accessing the data of this worldwide network, Brazilian scientists will be able to develop studies and research in all areas of knowledge related to natural and man-made phenomena observable and measured by this worldwide IMS network. In this work we present the main subjects treated in the book.

Promotional text

The book was written to show the importance o an NDC in Brazil in order to better comprise with the CTBT

Primary authors

Mr Lucas Barros (Seismological Observatory, University of Brasilia, Brazil) Mr Brandow Neri (Seismological Observatory, University of Brasilia, Brazil) Mr Juraci De Carvalho (Enki Projetos de Engenharia, Goiânia, Brazil) Mr Darlan Fontenele (Seismological Observatory, University of Brasilia, Brazil)

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