28 June 2021 to 2 July 2021
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Integrating the CTBTO IMS and NDC into the NNREP as a tool for enhancing radiological emergency response and preparedness in Nigeria

1 Jul 2021, 09:00


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Mr Abdulmajeed Ibrahim (Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Abuja, Nigeria)


The National Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Plan (NNREP) provides the basis for a national level response to a radiation emergency in Nigeria that is effectively integrated with an accompanying international, national and local response plan to establish a timely, organized and coordinated emergency response by the Nigerian Authorities to promptly and adequately determine and take actions to protect members of the public and emergency workers. The NNREP describes the capabilities, responsibilities and authorities of government and international agencies. The CTBTO verification technologies, together with the data, technologies and products of the International Data Centre, have potential civil and scientific applications which can provide significant benefits to States and the international scientific community. These applications would be integrated into the NNREP in collaboration with the National Data Center. The National Disaster Management Plan (NDRP) describes the structure for organizing, coordinating, and mobilizing Federal resources to augment State and local response efforts. The NDRP may also be used in conjunction with Federal agency emergency operations’ plans, developed under other statutory authorities, amongst the various Federal agencies and international organizations. If these capabilities are enhanced and integrated into the NNREP it would go a long way to protect public health and safety.

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Mr Abdulmajeed Ibrahim (Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Abuja, Nigeria)

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