28 June 2021 to 2 July 2021
Europe/Vienna timezone

Electrostatic Precipitator Integration into RASA 2.0 for Radionuclide Particle Collection

1 Jul 2021, 09:00


e-Poster T3.1 - Design of Sensor Systems and Advanced Sensor Technologies T3.1 e-poster session


Mr Michael E. Swanwick (Creare LLC, Hanover, NH, USA)


Creare has previously designed an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) collection system as a drop-in enhancement and replacement for the current RASA, the U.S. built Radionuclide Monitoring Station, as presented at S&T2019. This current work incorporates a full new design for the next generation of monitoring stations, RASA 2.0, with several significant improvements including advanced detectors, increased particle collection efficiency, lower power consumption, and potentially shorter collection times. The ESP incorporates a new form factor, potential for new collection material, and improved integration into advanced detectors. Our advanced two stage ESP has shown greater than 90% particle collection efficiency at both 0.2‒0.3 µm and 10 µm particle sizes for 2000 m3/hr flow rates using 1443 W of ESP and blower power. The power consumption is almost 10x lower than the current impact filter RASA system at that same nominal flow rate of 1000 m3/hr, and also consumes less power at 2000 m3/hr than the current system at 1000 m3/hr—approximately 25% lower. The ESP can be dynamically and remotely controlled to change the particle collection efficiency within seconds from less than 50% to greater than 95% efficiency depending on the conditions and needs of the users.

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This work advances the radionuclide particle collection and detection by developing an electrostatic precipitator for the next generation of monitoring stations that will directly benefit CTBTO’s radionuclide stations in the International Monitoring System.

Primary authors

Mr Michael E. Swanwick (Creare LLC, Hanover, NH, USA) Mr Clive Devoy (Creare LLC, Hanover, NH, USA) Dr Sheldon Stokes (Creare LLC, Hanover, NH, USA) Ms Jessica Elliott (Creare LLC, Hanover, NH, USA) Ms Katharine Fergusson (Creare LLC, Hanover, NH, USA) Ms Elizabeth McTighe (Creare LLC, Hanover, NH, USA) Mr Patrick Magari (Creare LLC, Hanover, NH, USA)

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