19–23 Jun 2023
Hofburg Palace & Online
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Climate Change and the Increased of Registered Seismic Events, Effects in the Caribbean

20 Jun 2023, 09:00


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Mr Roberto Betancourt A. (Fundacion Venezolana de Investigaciones Sismologicas (FUNVISIS))


Scientific data shows that glaciers are melting due to Climate Change driven by global warming with some results showing an impact in the amount of seismic activity. If glaciers thawed, the enormous weight bearing down on the Earth's crust is reduced, experiencing what geologists refer to as a “post-glacial rebound." This process might reactivate faults and lift pressure on the subterranean reservoirs containing molten silicate fluid beneath a volcano in subduction zones an oceanic plate moves under another plate, therefore increasing seismic activity. Using correlation coefficient and regression analysis based on two previous case studies, this paper explores the relationship between temperature rise due to global warming and earthquake frequency in the Carribean Basin.

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The effects of an unbalanced energy system are being felt throughout the entire planet as a result of global warming, which is not just causing climate change.

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Mr Roberto Betancourt A. (Fundacion Venezolana de Investigaciones Sismologicas (FUNVISIS))

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